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Rituals As Social Glue: An Interview With Harvey Whitehouse
Why are rituals such a pervasive feature of human social life? And what role might they have played in the evolution of our social behavior?
HBES Interview Series - Pete Richerson
This Pioneers of HBES series video features Peter J. Richerson, who pioneered the study of cultural evolution. His quest has developed and become intertwined with multilevel selection theory.
Are Taboos Adaptive? Evidence from the Island of Fiji
Are taboos ignorant superstitions, do they contain adaptive wisdom, or are they a mixture of both?
Understanding urban living from a modern evolutionary perspective.
How Can We Study our Neighborhoods From an Evolutionary Perspective?

Lesley Newson

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Lars Gule, a participant at the Evolution Institute’s premier Quality of Life workshop in Oslo last October, paints a different portrait – detailing Norway’s rich and unique history. "There are social, cultural, and political events beginning from 200 years ago that provide an important background to understanding Norway’s history." >>Read More
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Towns and cities are physical environments that are highly modified by people to facilitate their economies in the broadest sense of the word. They can work well or poorly, depending upon how they are designed. One cause of poor design arises when the goals of some people or groups interfere with the welfare of others and the city or town as a whole. Urban sprawl is an example of this kind of poor design. >>Read More
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Joseph Graves finds Wade's assertions like "biological or geographic races exist within the human species," and "races result from the fact that since our species left Africa, the populations of each continent have evolved largely independently of one another as each adapted to its own regional environment" problematic. >>Read More
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PROSOCIAL was formed to help groups coordinate their activities in a way that provides a shared good, which is the reason that they came together in the first place. It uses the science of cooperation to solve the puzzle of coordination while helping members develop their pieces effectively and efficiently. >>Read More
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In the quest for a better and more evolved society, we need to recognize we are our own designers. By taking charge of our political, sociological, educational, and economic health, we determine the future of our world. >>Read More
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As a continuance of our Norway-USA Quality of Life series, Gin Kohl Lieberman writes about the choice of Norway for the project, preparatory steps for the first conference, plans for the future, and how best our two nations can learn from each other and improve everyone's QoL. >>Read More
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Jerry Lieberman talks about the efforts and history of The Evolution Institute, how he became interested and involved in Norway's politics and their lessons for America, and the role he envisions EI playing in the future of politics and policy, promoting a science-based evaluation of plans for the future. >>Read More
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