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Rituals As Social Glue: An Interview With Harvey Whitehouse
Why are rituals such a pervasive feature of human social life? And what role might they have played in the evolution of our social behavior?
Judaism: Human Sacrifice, Costly Signaling and Cooperation
Rick Goldberg and Hadassah Head discuss the role of sacrifice in Judaism.
Rep. Broun: Evolution, Embryology, Big Bang Theory Are
Georgia republican says science facts are lies straight from hell.
Why Evolution Is True: Welcome Jerry Coyne to ETVOL
Evolution in school and politics, fly speciation, evolutionary psychology, and group selection vs kin selection.

Richard Sosis, editor
Michael Blume, associate editor

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A new form of religious social organization called a cell ministry is especially fascinating.An evangelical pastor was trying to grow his congregation and had come to the limits of his own time and effort. He decided to create “cells,” small groups that meet in people’s homes in addition to attending the large church services. The result was highly successful. >>Read More
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This is also your opportunity to get digital downloads of the complete album, a signed copy of the CD, or a signed DVD of the animated film! >>Read More
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As a pioneering scholar of peace studies, psychologist David Barash is known for crossing disciplinary lines to answer difficult questions about the human condition. In so doing, he is also known for shedding more light than heat – a remarkable thing to do considering the empirical and normative disciplines from which he’s drawn, such as evolutionary biology and ethics. >>Read More
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Although all of us had our fair share of bad experiences with people fearing evolutionary studies instead of really understanding them, those responses are diminishing, Someday, the taboos and fears that have surrounded interdisciplinary evolutionary studies will be studied in history classes. >>Read More
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Ara Norenzayan, professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, is one of the leading scientists exploring the evolution of religion. His work combines a broad knowledge in evolutionary science with ingeniously designed experiments in social psychology. >>Read More
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