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Meet Toby Shannan–the son of hippy parents growing up in rural Canada, high school jock, college dropout, construction worker–and Chief Support Officer of Shopify, the world’s second-largest online retail platform. Toby and Shopify have always had a long-term and holistic mission to be part of a thriving ecosystem into the far future.  Now he is teaming up with scientists such as Jonathan Haidt and David Sloan Wilson to help Shopify achieve its laudable goals and provide a model for other corporations.
Announcing the latest major TVOL series, Evolution, Complexity, and the Third Way of Entrepreneurship
Toby’s “Ideas at Work” podcast: https://ideasatworkpodcast.com
EthicalSystems.org, an organization founded on the conviction that in the long run, good ethics is good business.
Prosocial, the first change method based on evolutionary science
to enhance cooperation and collaboration for groups of all types and sizes.


Published On: May 23, 2020

Eric Michael Johnson

Eric Michael Johnson

Eric Michael Johnson is Managing Editor for This View of Life. He has a master’s degree in evolutionary anthropology focusing on primate behavioral ecology and received his Ph.D. in the history of science from the University of British Columbia. His dissertation, The Struggle for Coexistence (reviewed on TVOL here) focused on the debate between ‘Social’ Darwinism and ‘Socialist’ Darwinism in England, France, Germany, and Russia in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. In addition to publishing original research in such places as the Journal of Human EvolutionAmerican Journal of Physical Anthropology, and Slavic and East European Review he has written on evolutionary topics for general audiences at SlateTimes Higher EducationDiscoverWiredPsychology Today and many others (see his website for more). He is a longtime advocate of science communication online and has spoken at academic as well as social media conferences on how important it is for scientists to reach out to the public by engaging readers with a compelling narrative. He can be found on Twitter at @ericmjohnson.

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  • Juan David Dueñas Ramírez says:

    Greetings, I am Juan from Colombia. I enjoy very much your podcasts and your books. Regarding this episode, I was a bit baffled by your explanation on the differences between Complexity Theory and Evolutionary Theory. As I understand it, complexity theory deals specially with living systems; and Evolution Theory gets to perfectly explain many non-living systems, such as evolution of memeplexes or ideas. Perhaps I am wrong and I would like to know your point of view, but to me, complexity theory is very helpful in explaning current dynamics of complex systems, that is, the dynamic equilibrium in which a system finds its self. On the other hand, Evolution Theory is complementary because it helps to explain change in complex systems, as when such dynamic equilibrium is broken, and the systems morphs its function and structure into something else. Is this compatible with your view of things?

    Greetings from Colombia,

    Juan Duenas.

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