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100% of your donation goes towards the advancement of applied science. Your generosity is creating a better world – one that values science and its important application in solving pressing social issues, from education to economics. 

Our impact

Together, we can change lives with science

Read our 2019 impact report to learn more about how your support directly benefits our projects and the children, groups, and communities we're working in.

Together We Can:

  • Improve educational outcomes at our free, science-informed elementary school in Tampa.
  • Expand the Seshat Historical Databank.
  • Publish original research in world class academic journals.
  • Continue the multi-pronged research project to understand the key to Norway’s success and to understand what elements of its success we can emulate in the U.S.

  • Improve quality of life for low income neighborhoods, using applied science. 
  • Improve the efficacy of groups with the Prosocial project. 
  • Provide free, thought-provoking webinars, articles, and special publications on evolutionary science and its impact on the human condition.

Learn more about the impact you made in our 2019 Impact Report! 

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