Cliodynamics and Seshat contributors publish in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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War and Space: the Evolution of Complex Societies

Covered extensively by popular media:

Nature: Empires, bureaucracies and religion arise from war Computer simulation shows that conflict fuelled political consolidation in ancient and medieval history.

The New Scientist: Real-world Civilisation game shows impact of war link
Los Angeles Times: Scientists use math — and computer war games — to show how society evolved link
Wired: Data Geeks Say War, Not Agriculture, Spawned Complex Societies link
Huffington Post: War Fueled Evolution Of Institutions & Societies, Math Model Suggests link
Smithsonian Mag: 3,000 Years of Human History, Described in One Set of Mathematical Equations link
The Conversation: Computer simulations reveal war drove the rise of civilisations link
Pacific Standard: Count on War to Build a Society link
Popular Mechanics: Can Math Predict the Rise and Fall of Empires? link
DeRedaktie.be: War sowed the seeds of empires, bureaucracy and religion (in Flemish) link
Spektrum.de: State building: Researchers simulate world history (in German) link
Publico.pt: Mathematical model helps retracing 3000 years of human history (in Portuguese) link
Wiener Zeitung: History may be predictable: Researchers use mathematics to explore the emergence of empires (in German) link
de Volkskrant: A game of Risk, but seriously (in Dutch) link
SINC: A mathematical model proves that the war has been an engine of cultural evolution (in Spanish) link
Elementy.ru: The theory of cultural multilevel selection calculates where and when empires should appear (in Russian) link
Gazeta.ru: Scientists Play ‘Civilization’ (in Russian) link
Daily Mail: How 3,000 year age of empires was recreated by a simple equation: Scientists show how math can predict historical trends with 65% accuracy link

Published On: October 8, 2013

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