Aaron Blaisdell

Dr. Aaron Blaisdell is a UCLA Psychology Professor where he runs the Comparative Cognition Lab. Dr. Blaisdell is a member of the UCLA Brain Research Institute, the UCLA Integrative Center for Learning & Memory, and the UCLA Evolutionary Medicine program. He received a BA in Anthropology (SUNY Stony Brook), an MS in Anthropology (Kent State University), a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience (SUNY Binghamton), and had 2 years of NIH-funded postdoctoral training (Tufts University). Dr. Blaisdell studies animal cognition, behavioral neuroscience, and ancestral health. He co-founded the Ancestral Health Society and is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Evolution and Health.

Recent Posts

February 22, 2019 in Anthropology, Biology

Functional Frivolity: The Evolution and Development of the Human Brain Through Play

Play is not frivolous but is an adaptation designed to guide proper cognitive development in human children.
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March 29, 2016 in Health

On Junk Diets and Junk Science: What’s the evidence for and against the paleo diet?

Adopting an evolutionary framework, based on sound scientific empirical work, is our best way forward to understand human health in the modern world.
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March 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

How’s Your Ancestral Health?

Are humans driven to behave in ways that are detrimental to our wellbeing by adaptations to past environments?
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