Alan Honick

Alan has been part of Prosocial’s development team since its inception in 2013, and is also a documentary filmmaker. His environmental documentaries have won awards for journalism, photography, and editing. They have been broadcast on PBS stations nationwide, and educational versions have been distributed to schools internationally. His most recent documentary, Seeing the Forest, illustrates how Elinor Ostrom’s core design principles can evolve naturally in groups.

In addition to making films about Prosocial and its use in a variety of sectors, he is also developing initiatives to implement Prosocial within the environmental community, with a special focus on Regenerative Agriculture.

Recent Posts

June 15, 2020 in Biology, Health

The Cheating Cell: An Interview with Athena Aktipis

Understanding why and how both Twitter bots and cancer cells create conflict in different kinds of cooperative social systems may help us find new strategies to bring both kinds of…
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March 7, 2020 in Biology, Culture, Environment

Evolving a Major Transition in the Internet Age

The theory of major transitions provides an all-encompassing framework to explore both the opportunities and challenges facing humanity in the Internet Age.
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