Barry Mauer

Barry Mauer, Ph.D., is on the cutting edge of research into cognitive immunity and the threats posed to it by the intersection of illiberal forces and electronic media. Barry is the author of Deadly Delusions: Right-Wing Death Cult and “The Cognitive Immune System: The Mind’s Ability to Dispel Pathological Beliefs.” Barry collaborated on the DARPA-funded project, “Deep Agent: A Framework for Information Spread and Evolution in Social Networks.” Barry teaches symposiums on cognitive immunity including “The Age of Mass Delusion,” “Why Are People Fooled?” and “Propaganda and Pseudoscience.”

Recent Posts

December 15, 2022 in Psychology

Bad Ideas Recruit the Mind’s Immune System to Protect Themselves

Some bad ideas get past a mind’s defenses and then hijack the mind’s immune system. These bad ideas recruit the mind’s defenses to protect themselves, even if that recruitment ends…
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