David Sloan Wilson

David Sloan Wilson is president of Prosocial World and SUNY Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biology and Anthropology at Binghamton University. He applies evolutionary theory to all aspects of humanity in addition to the rest of life, through Prosocial World and in his own research and writing.  A complete archive of his work is available at www.David SloanWilson.world. His most recent books include his first novel, Atlas Hugged: The Autobiography of John Galt III, and a memoir, A Life Informed by Evolution.

Recent Posts

September 19, 2022 in Webinar

Accounting for Values: An Evolutionary Perspective on Resources

How can organizations and people account for the things they truly value?
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September 15, 2022 in Business, Economy

The Third Way of Entrepreneurship in the Internet Age: A Conversation with Tim O’Reilly

The Internet represents the ideal model to understand The Third Way alternative to laissez-faire and centralized planning.
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September 8, 2022 in Business, Economy

Urban Planning and the Third Way: A Conversation with Daniel T. O’Brien

Smart cities allow a comparison of laissez-faire, centralized planning, and the Third Way of entrepreneurship and all other forms of positive social change.
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