David Sloan Wilson

David Sloan Wilson is president of Prosocial World and SUNY Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biology and Anthropology at Binghamton University. He applies evolutionary theory to all aspects of humanity in addition to the rest of life, through Prosocial World and in his own research and writing.  A complete archive of his work is available at www.David SloanWilson.world. His most recent books include his first novel, Atlas Hugged: The Autobiography of John Galt III, and a memoir, A Life Informed by Evolution.

Recent Posts

April 26, 2022 in Biology

Truth and Reconciliation for Group Selection: 6. Individualism

Individualism is the mistaken belief that individuals are somehow a privileged level of the biological hierarchy.
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April 18, 2022 in Biology

Truth and Reconciliation for Group Selection: 5. The Patriotic History of Individual Selection Theory

One reason that I don't spend a lot of time bashing religion is that there are so many other flagrant departures from factual reality to pick on. Take the patriotic…
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April 4, 2022 in Biology, Culture, Psychology

Evaluating Narratives of Conscious Evolution

Download this article as a PDF version. The idea that we can consciously evolve our own future is inspirational to many people. Like a religious cosmology, it captures the imagination…
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