Eric Michael Johnson

Eric Michael Johnson is Managing Editor for This View of Life. He has a master’s degree in evolutionary anthropology focusing on primate behavioral ecology and received his Ph.D. in the history of science from the University of British Columbia. His dissertation, The Struggle for Coexistence (reviewed on TVOL here) focused on the debate between ‘Social’ Darwinism and ‘Socialist’ Darwinism in England, France, Germany, and Russia in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. In addition to publishing original research in such places as the Journal of Human EvolutionAmerican Journal of Physical Anthropology, and Slavic and East European Review he has written on evolutionary topics for general audiences at SlateTimes Higher EducationDiscoverWiredPsychology Today and many others (see his website for more). He is a longtime advocate of science communication online and has spoken at academic as well as social media conferences on how important it is for scientists to reach out to the public by engaging readers with a compelling narrative. He can be found on Twitter at @ericmjohnson.

Recent Posts

September 26, 2021 in Culture

The False Tropes of Darwinism and a New Narrative of Prosocial Evolution

The narrative of Darwinism on television programs is portrayed almost exclusively in a negative light. It is time to flip the script.
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April 12, 2021 in Biology, History

Ronald Fisher Is Not Being ‘Cancelled’, But His Eugenic Advocacy Should Have Consequences

How should we remember scientists that altered our conception of the natural world but who also misused the tools of science to target marginalized populations?
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May 23, 2020 in Podcast

Evolving the Future of Corporations: A Conversation with Toby Shannan

A major corporation is teaming up with evolutionary scientists to help achieve its laudable goals and provide a model for other corporations.
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