Erle C. Ellis

Erle Ellis is Professor of Geography & Environmental Systems at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and Visiting Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. His research investigates the ecology of anthropogenic landscapes and their changes at local to global scales. Current work in his lab has three main foci: the global ecology and history of human landscapes (anthroecology; anthropogenic biomes), tools for global synthesis of local knowledge of landscape change (GLOBE), and inexpensive tools for measuring and managing ecological change across anthropogenic landscapes (Ecosynth, Anthropogenic Ecotope Mapping). All of these come together in his main goal: informing sustainable stewardship of the biosphere in the Anthropocene.

Recent Posts

February 22, 2016 in Environment, Focus Articles

Humans: The Species That Changed Earth

Global climate change, widespread extinctions, and pervasive pollution are just a few of the many symptoms of the global environmental changes produced by human activities. There is a growing consensus…
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