Kurt Johnson

Dr. Kurt Johnson brings an unusual pedigree to this discussion. With a PhD in evolution and ecology, hundreds of refereed scientific articles and two well known popular books in science (Nabokov’s Blues and Fine Lines) he is also a professor of comparative religion at New York’s Interfaith Seminary, a former monastic, and co-author of the influential book on world religions, The Coming Interspiritual Age. He is a prominent figure on international committees, particularly at the United Nations and, at Unity Earth, host of the VoiceAmerica series for thought leaders, The Convergence. His viewpoints are, consequently, varied and eclectic.

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January 30, 2019 in Biology, Philosophy

One Culture, Two Cultures? How Many Cultures, How Long?

When asked “Can Evolution be Conscious?” reactions can occur aptly reflecting the “informal definition” (as stated in most dictionaries) of schizoid, that is, “having inconsistent or seemingly contradictory elements.”
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