Melissa Hamilton

Melissa Hamilton is a volunteer science writer at PRI, and previous volunteer at the Cayuga Nature Center where she bathed a skink and made salads for bearded dragon. After graduating from Syracuse University and Vermont College, she worked on the clinical team at Gould Farm, a psycho-social rehabilitation community in Western, MA and assisted in restarting the Berkshire National Fish Hatchery. As a writer for children and adults, her poetry and prose have been featured in newspapers, magazines and anthologies. Currently, she provides housing as a landlord for individuals with developmental disabilities in Trumansburg, NY.

Recent Posts

September 11, 2015 in Paleontology

Velociraptor-like Snouts Grown on Chick Embryos

Innocent backyard chickens appear to harbor genes to grow a Velociraptor-like snout.¬† After blocking two proteins¬†that are activated when chicken embryos grow their beaks, researchers discovered how bird beaks may…
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May 2, 2015 in Paleontology

Dinosaur Diet Was Psychedelic

Dinosaurs probably ate fungus (distantly) linked to LSD.
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