Ubadah Sabbagh

Ubadah Sabbagh is a neuroscience doctoral student in the Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health program at Virginia Tech. Informed by his background in evolutionary biology, his research now focuses on studying synaptic development and refinement in the brain. He is passionate about science communication and outreach, and using science to address issues surrounding social justice, education inequality, and scientific literacy. His musings can be found on Twitter at @Neubadah and his writing in the Huffington Post.

Recent Posts

November 7, 2017 in Biology

Eye Origins: How Evolution Could Produce a Sophisticated Eye

Each eye is beautiful and elegant in its own right, and each eye we look at offers us a new way to appreciate the wonders of evolution.
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March 16, 2017 in Biology, Politics

Immigration Bans Handicap Science Globally

As a biologist, I know the importance of genetic diversity in evolution by natural selection. It is precisely because of our diversity as a nation that America leads the world…
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