This workshop was held on November 14-17, 2008 at Miami University.

Early childhood education is an example of a system that isn’t working, despite everyone’s best intentions. Some of the foremost authorities on child development and education are already stressing the need for an evolutionary perspective. The Evolution Institute brought them together in a workshop held at the University of Miami on November 14-16, 2008, followed by a public roundtable discussion on November 17, 2008. The workshop was co-hosted by William Scott Green, Senior Vice Provost of the University of Miami, and Isaac Prilleltensky, Dean of UM’s School of Education.

Understanding our evolved abilities to learn and teach is essential if we wish to design maximally effective educational environments.

For a short summary of our findings, read Learning from Mother Nature About Teaching Our Children: Ten Simple Truths About Childhood Education From an Evolutionary Perspective (PDF).

Click on the names of the speakers for access to their websites and scientific publications.

The EI is now working with the participants to implement the recommendations that emerged from the workshop. This workshop also resulted in two new focal topics for the EI; Risky Adolescent Behavior and Empowering Neighborhoods and Restoring Outdoor Play.

Published On: November 10, 2014

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