Prosocial World Seminar Series

Weekly on Fridays, alternating between Noon and 6PM Eastern US time
• Informal Cafes at each time for the in-between weeks
• Learning-to-Action discussion groups for each seminar


Prosocial World is pleased to sponsor a seminar series that showcases modern evolutionary science and its many practical applications. Modern evolutionary science goes beyond genetic evolution to include all processes combining the Darwinian triad of variation, selection, and replication. This expanded view makes sense of everything associated with the words “human,” “culture,” and “policy” in addition to the word “biology.”

Each seminar will feature an authority on a given topic area from a modern evolutionary perspective, with an emphasis on both basic scientific understanding and practical applications. We are firm believers that these can go together and reinforce each other. Our learning-to-action orientation includes the following features.

  • An option to join a discussion group for each seminar, which includes an exclusive 30-minute Q&A with the speaker after the seminar and general Q&A.
  • An informal online café for each time period on the weeks between seminars.
  • An opportunity to take part in ongoing book clubs, learning journeys, and action projects.

The seminars are open to the general public. The additional features require joining the Prosocial Commons, a support and engagement group for Prosocial World. Go here [link] to learn more about the Prosocial Commons.

All seminars are on Fridays, alternating between noon and 6PM Eastern US to accommodate different schedules and time zones. The seminars are recorded for viewing after the event.

Fall 2022 Speakers

September 9, 6PM. Peter Gray

The Anxiety Epidemic in Children: What are the Causes?

September 23, 6PM. Elizabeth Castillo

Accounting for Values: An Evolutionary Perspective on Resources

October 7, 6PM. Tamsin Woolley-Barker

Living Design: A Novel Interdisciplinary, Interbeing Approach to Regenerating Communities, Organizations, and Ecosystems

October 14, Noon. Jeremy Lent

Identifying the Principles of and Ecological Civilization

October 21, 6PM. Ferananda Ibarra

Envisioning Economies and Cultures Inspired by Living Systems

Oct 28, Noon. Michael Cox

Moving Beyond Naïve Theories of Environmental Property Rights

Nov 4, 6PM. David Sloan Wilson

Evolving a World that Works For All: Fulfilling the Spirit of Humanism in the Internet Age

Nov 11, Veteran's Day

No Seminar

Nov 18, 6PM. Riane Eisler

Building a Caring Democracy: Four Cornerstones

Dec 2, 6PM. Rosanne Haggerty

Evolution of Responses to Homelessness to Reach Functional Zero

Dec 9, Noon. Clare Politano and Tibet Sprague

Hylo: Prosocial Coordination for a Thriving Planet

Dec 16, 6PM. J. Arvin Agren and David Sloan Wilson

What Happened To Selfish Genes?

Nearly anyone with an interest in positive change will benefit from reading and listening to these discussions.