Its name is “Religion, Brain & Behavior”, it is published by Taylor & Francis – and it quickly became THE cutting-edge journal for evolutionary studies of religion! Being a member of the IBCSR (Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion), I am enjoying every issue and found lots of thoughts and data relevant to my work.

I mean, not only book reviews like the one I did recently on Eric Kaufmann’s “Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?” – but all!

If you are having any interest in evolutionary studies whatsoever, I would recommend starting with the ranking of the most-read papers here. Grab some content – and enjoy evolutionary studies of religion at its best!

Published On: February 15, 2013

Michael Blume

Michael Blume

Michael Blume was born in 1976 in Filderstadt, Germany. He lectured Religious Studies at the universities of Tübingen, Heidelberg, Leipzig and currently in Jena. His doctoral thesis focused on theories on religion in the brain sciences (the so-called “neurotheologies”). Dr. Blume then specialized on the reproductive potentials of religiosity – the complex workings of religious communities augmenting cooperation, birth and survival rates (and thus: evolutionary success) of religious people in comparison to their (more) secular neighbors.


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