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Socialism and Capitalism will be among the hot words thrown around during the 2020 US presidential elections. Geoffrey Hodgson, a great scholar of economics and the social sciences, helps me explain how both forms of national governance fail in their pure forms but how they can be—and even have already been– blended together into the Third Way.

This episode has an accompanying article and is the Third Episode of This View of Life‘s new series, “Evolution, Complexity, and the Third Way of Entrepreneurship”.


Published On: June 4, 2020

Geoffrey Hodgson

Geoffrey Hodgson

Geoffrey Hodgson is Professor in Management for the Institute for International Management at Loughborough University London. Geoffrey is a specialist in institutional and evolutionary economics, with a background in economics, philosophy, and mathematics. His research has applications to the understanding of organizations, organizational change, innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development.

Hodgson is also the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Institutional Economics (ABS rank 3). He has published 18 academic books and over 150 academic articles, which he is the winner of the Schumpeter Prize 2014 for his book on Conceptualizing Capitalism

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