Check out the Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses (BAH!)

Hadassah Head speaks with Zach Weinersmith, cartoonist of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and his wife Kelly Weinersmith, Ph.D candidate studying parasitology. Together they run The Weekly Weinersmith. We talk about what an ad hoc hypotheses is, the upcoming Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses Fest, and how Zach came up with the idea. The Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses (BAH!) is a celebration of well-argued and thoroughly researched but completely incorrect evolutionary theory.


Published On: October 5, 2013

Hadassah Head

Hadassah Head

Hadassah Head completed her Master’s in System Science and a graduate certificate in Evolutionary Studies at Binghamton University. She also attended Binghamton as an undergraduate. She attained her Bachelors in Mathematics and a minor in Russian and Eastern European Studies. She studied Jewish studies at Pardes Institute of Jewish Learning. Her interests include community development, human factors, complexity, sustainability, organizational and group behavior, religion, networks and evolution. In addition to her work with the magazine she is also the Evolutionary Studies Coordinator at Binghamton University. She tweets as @Haddie.

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