Join us in the TVOL Cafe!

Once a month the TVOL1000 sustainers meet in our digital cafe where they take the meaning of “this view of life” and put it into action. Like a church or an activist movement, we support ourselves with a large number of small donations.

You can help catalyze the acceptance

and understanding of evolution.

What are the benefits of joining?

  • You help to catalyze acceptance and understanding of evolution, especially in relation to human affairs and the long term sustainability of the earth.
  • You get to work directly with the staff of This View of Life and shape its content.
  • You get to deepen your knowledge through book discussions, webinars, and other learning opportunities.
  • You get the opportunity to form into groups of like-minded people to pursue your own vision of “this view of life”.

We recommend an average of $10/mo and prefer a monthly plan so that we don’t need to fundraise every year, but any amount per month or one-time donations, are also welcome. You will receive our exclusive newsletter by David Sloan Wilson, get first dibs on our webinars, and a survey that enables you to provide information about yourself and interest in “this view of life”.

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You can help catalyze the acceptance and understanding of evolution.