Blaming your girlfriend’s mood swings on her period is so last century. According to UCLA psychology and communications professor Martie Haselton, ovulation is “the new time of the month.”

“This research… [has] been sort of a mini-revolution in understanding women’s sexuality,” Haselton says, referring both to her own work and to studies done by fellow evolutionary psychologists. Just before ovulation, she’s found, women avoid contact with male kin. Their voices rise in pitch. And most recently, in a study published in November’s Hormones and Behavior journal, she and graduate student Christina Larson determined that during this highly fertile window, women devalue relationships with partners that have long-term potential and feel closer to partners with more sex appeal.

Because, according to Haselton’s dual mating hypothesis, women have evolved to want a hot, masculine lover and a high-status, caring husband — and few men are both.

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Published On: November 19, 2012

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